Scientific Commission Bee Health

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Jeff Pettis

President of the Commission

Dr Jeff Pettis
Institute of Bee Health
University of Bern
Schwarzenburgstrasse 161
3003 Bern, Switzerland
tel: +41 31 631 57 66
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • Vice-President
Dr. Marie-Pierre Chauzat
European Union Reference Laboratory for Honeybee Health
105 Route des Chappes
06902 Sofia Antipolis - France
Tel: +33 (0)1 19 77 27 04
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  • Mission

The major objectives of the commission are to assist all who are treating with bee health, including practical and scientific aspects. It helps to solve bee health problems either in offering solutions directly or to find contact with respective specialists.

  • Activities

The commission gives attention on bee health, including the following aspects:

- Diagnosis of bee diseases (microbiological and molecular genetic methods)
- Therapy of bee diseases (conventional and alternative methods)
- Prevention of bee diseases (biotechnical and biological methods)
- Impact of environment on bee health
- Economical aspects of bee diseases
- Legislative aspects of bee pests
- Import and export of bees and bee-products

It supports projects and activities for:

- Protection of consumer from residues in bee products
- Avoidance of resistance to chemical medicaments
- Improvement of tolerance against bee diseases
- Strengthening of bee colonies by naturally management systems and environmental conditions

  • Members

Dr. Mariano Bacci
SENASA in Buenos Aires / Argentina

Ingenieur Jean Daniel Charrière
AGROSCOPE in Liebefeld-Posieux
Bern / Switzerland

Dr. M. Chabert Ribière
ANSES in Maisons-Alfort cedex / France

More experts consulted in case of need. It works in close co-operation with FAO (Food and agriculture org.), OIE (Office international des epizooties) and EU commissions. It is organised under the presidency of Dr. Wolfgang Ritter (Germany).




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