08 to 12/09/2019 

The 46th APIMONDIA Congress will be held in Montréal, Canada. APIMONDIA is the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations. Its major objective is to facilitate the exchange of information and discussions on apiculture by organising Congresses and Symposia where beekeepers, scientists, honey-traders, agents for development, technicians and legislators meet to listen, discuss and learn from one another. APIMONDIA meetings are fabulous events that offer great opportunities to learn about all the aspects of the beekeeping world: from morning until late evening, participants explore various exhibits and learn about cutting edge research from all parts of the world and have a unique opportunity to meet beekeepers and scientists from every corner of the planet.


Survey from Apimondia Working Group n°9 ‘Adverse Effects of Agrochemicals and Bee medicines on bees’

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A “Food Systems Thinking” roadmap for policymakers and retailers to save the ecosystem by saving the endangered honey producer from the devastating consequences of honey fraud.

This White Paper invites both policymakers and retailers to engage in food-systemsthinking and recognize two critical points. The first point is the symbiotic relationships and interdependence between the domestic production of authentic honey, the critical eco-sytem role of honeybees as pollinators in the United States, and the livelihoods of the managers of these honeybee pollinators –the honey producers. The second point is the destructive force of honey fraud in undermining these symbiotic activities and the resultant threat to the ecosystem.


Acting President dr. Peter Kozmus visited Pope Francis in Vatican city where the Slovenian delegation donated him a beehouse. They also thanked him for all the support he has shown to bees and beekeepers. They donated him also a slovenian cake named potica, a sparkling honey vine, Slovenian honey and a book: No bees, No life.


Apimondia, in cooperation with the FAO and the Republic of Slovenia, organized the 2nd international celebration of the World Bee Day. We organized: Raising Awareness on the Role of Bees and Pollinators in Food and Agriculture. Event is possible to see here.


On Saturday and Sunday (May 4-5), we held a meeting of the Apimondia Executive Council in Montreal. At the same time, we were acquainted with preparations for the 46th Apimondia Congress, which will be from the 8th to the 12th. September in Montreal, Canada. We also visited the convention center and made sure that the preparations were in line with expectations.


Important document: "Apimondia Statement on Honey Fraud" - Same in Chinese


The world beekeeping community is in mourning. Our president Philip McCabe died from a serious illness. His dedication and work in the Apimondia Federation have been exemplary. Rest in peace...

Dear beekeepers,

After the premature loss of our dear President, Mr. Philip McCabe, the Apimondia Executive Council agreed to commemorate him on 7th December, St. Ambrose’s Day, Patron of Beekeepers. We therefore kindly propose that you commemorate Mr. McCabe on this occasion so as to keep vivid his memory in our hearts and in the international beekeeping community.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Riccardo Jannoni-Sebastianini
Apimondia Secretary-General