President of Biology Commission

Prof. Geraldine Wright
University of Oxford
tel.: +44 18 65 27 11 23
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Mission

The mission of the Standing Commission on Bee Biology is to give attention to the current state of research on bee biology.

  • Activities

The Commission gives attention on bee biology, with special reference to the following aspects, which are of particular importance for beekeeping practice:
Bee biology in cold, temperate and tropical climates;
Bee physiology;
Bee genetics;
Conservation of bee races;
Selection and breeding;
Artificial insemination;
Physiology of nutrition;
Biology of Apis cerana, A. florea, A. dorsata and other Apis-species;
Biology of stingless bees;
Biology and breeding method of bumblebees.

The actual state of matters is presented to beekeepers and scientists on the occasion of the International Apimondia congresses and symposia. The Commission also stands for the administration of the International Apimondia Beekeeping Museum (situated in Mechelen, Belgium) and is looking after connections with other beekeeping museums all over the world.

  • Members

The Commission is organised by its members under the Presidency of Mr Octaaf Van Laere (Belgium)
Prof. Dr. J. Woyke (Poland) Bee Genetics
Prof. Dr. L. Verma (India) Biology of Apis cerana
Prof. Dr. L.S. Goncalves (Brazil) Bee biology in tropical climates
Prof. Dr. S. Wongsiri (Thailand) Artificial insemination of Apis cerana, Queen rearing
Prof. Dr. E.K. Eskov (Russia) Physiology and biophysics of social insects
Prof. Dr. Erwin J. Hentschel (Germany) Bee endocrinology

Two working groups are also active:

- "Working Group on Apis Cerana" - President: Prof. Dr. L. Verma, India
- "Working Group on Honeybee Genetics and Race Conservation" - President: Dr. T. Rinderer, Louisiana USA