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  •  Full Member 
    All associations and organisations of any country working in the interests of beekeepers and beekeeping in line with the objectives of Apimondia, that wish to belong. Applications for membership are to be presented (together with a copy of the statutes of the association, a register of the persons entitled to represent the association, information on number of members and their bee colonies and proof of state recognition, or entry in a public register) to the Secretary General for inspection, who shall then, without delay, present the applications to the Management Board. The latter shall pass them with its considered opinion to the General Assembly. Full members are entitled to participate in the General Assembly of Apimondia with the right to vote, expressed through their official delegates.

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  •  Associate Member 
    They are represented by bodies, institutes and laboratories pursuing studies or research in apiculture and related topics. Applications should be submitted by the official representative to the Executive Council, specifying the denomination, headquarters, objectives, management and any other additional, pertinent information. Associate members are entitled to receive from Apimondia and its specialised bodies any kind of assistance and support as per the statutes and relevant internal regulations. Participation in the General Assembly of Apimondia may be made by associate members by a single representative with one vote.

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  •  Individual Correspondent 
    All individuals having a genuine interest in the aspects of beekeeping and institutions that have economic objectives in the sectors of production and trade of apiarian products or in connection with manufacture or retail of technical equipment wishing to collaborate with Apimondia, may be admitted to become part of the Federation as individual members. Individual correspondents are entitled to receive assistance from Apimondia and its specialised bodies on institutional matters. They may be elected to take up office in the bodies of Apimondia, but have no voting rights during the General Assembly. Registrants in an Apimondia congress gain individual membership of Apimondia for one year following the congress.

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