In order to better defend beekeepers and their bees, Apimondia is setting up different tools:

1) The statutes voted during our General Assembly in Buenos-Aires (Argentina), September 2011, represent an important reform with the setting-up of five new "Regional Commissions" in addition to the seven existing "Scientific Commissions".

2) A policy for urgent and less-urgent problems



3) Different Apimondia Working Groups (AWGs) with panels of scientists and technicians able to resolve beekeeping problems.

4) Different Apimondia Digital Kits (ADKs), compilation of PDF files with added value information.

5) Better partnership with FAO and other UNO agencies (PNUD, UNIDO, etc.):

  • Re-instatement of technical partnership
  • Main objective mainstreaming of apiculture on UN technical agenda (policy-making, link between Governmental bodies and grassroot level NGOs)
  • Preliminary negotiation and establishment of links with FAO technical Division(s)
  • COAG (FAO Committee on Agriculture)
  • Identification and definition of areas of competitive advantage
  • Main joint activities based on above
  • Role of Member Associations
  • Finalisation of Memorandum of Understanding
  • Possible stipulation of subsequent Letter(s) of Agreement on specific initiatives
  • Telefood
  • TecA (Technologies for Agriculture)
  • Etc.

6) Collaboration with regional associations such as:

  • Apislavia
  • AAA (Asian Apicultural Association)
  • Balkan Beekeeping Federation
  • FILAPI (Iberico-Latino-Americano)
  • Nordic Beekeeper Association
  • EBPA (European Professional Beekeepers Association)
  • ACBO (Association of Caribbean Beekeepers Organisations)
  • Arab Beekeepers’ Union
  • ApiTrade Africa
  • Etc.

7) Collaboration with entities such as:

  • CoLoss (Colony Losses Scientific Network)
  • IBRA (International Bee Research Association)
  • IHC (International Honey Commission)
  • HIPA (Association of Honey Importers)
  • FEEDM (Fédération Européenne Des Emballeurs Et Distributeurs De Miel = European Federation of Honey Packers and Distributors)
  • Etc.

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